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Heartbreaking story of a 12 year old Thai girl

Heartbreaking story of a 12 year old Thai girl

A story has emerged on popular Thai news station Sanook that looks into the life of a 12 year old Thai girl caring for her paralyzed father.

The story goes on to say how the young girls, who has no time to attend school or any form of education, is forced to rumage through rubbish bins whilst selling vegetables at the local markets to be able to earn money to fund both herself and her father.

It was the Facebook page of Poramet Misonphop that initially brought the story to people’s attention and not suprisingly, it didn’t take long to go viral. The mainstream media soon caught wind of it and producednthe report.

Poramet Misonphop is a foundation medic learnt about the family thorugh a friend and decided to pay them both a visit, becoming emotionally involved and now provides basic assistance.

Shockingly, but not so surprising here in Thailand, is the fact that the mother of the 12 year old, and wife of the man simply left the 2 of them to fend for themselves some time ago, taking her second child with her.

“When my dad asks me if I am tired – I just lie and say no” said the girl, who lives a very different life to all of her friends.

The father hasn’t always been paralyzed, however, but it was around 3 years ago when he suffered a terrible accident on a construction site whilst working.

Initially the runaway wife stood by her man and took on the responsibility of looking after the family, but that only lasted a couple of months before the pressure got too much for her.

It amazes me that an adult can not handle the pressure that a 12 year old now deals with on a daily basis.

“I was seven,” said Satang. “I asked if I could stay with dad – I said who would look after him if I leave too?”

Right now Satang’s life is hard – she manages to get a daily income of 50 to 100 baht selling vegetables in the market and finding items in the trash that might be worth something.

A fund has been set up in the name of her father – Narin Arunwong – at Krung Thai bank account number 217 – 0 – 38423 – 5.

Further information can be gained by calling 080-775-3230.

Source: Sanook

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