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Hacked security footage from cramped Thai prison posted on Youtube

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The security camera system at Lang Suan prison in the southern province of Chumphon has been hacked and footage showing inmates living in overcrowded conditions posted on Youtube.

Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin said the Corrections Department had informed him of the incident. Authorities still did not know how the recording was leaked. He was quick to point out that similar incidents had happened in other countries, including Australia and Russia.

The minister said he told the department to file a police complaint, and assigned the Department of Special Investigation to find out how it happened and who was responsible.

He was concerned the leak may have violated the rights of inmates.

A source in the Justice Ministry said the CCTV systems in Thai prisons were installed by private-sector contractors through a procurement process. The system is connected to the internet to give authorised individuals access to real-time viewing. Prison chiefs and senior officials can view the live CCTV footage on their smartphones.

The minister said it was possible the access code was leaked to outsiders, who then accessed the system and posted the recording on Youtube — damaging the reputation of Thai prisons as the footage shows the overcrowded conditions.

The video, labelled “Thai Bangkok prison Security Came live” was posted on Youtube on Tuesday. It showed claimed real-time footage from several locations in Lang Suan Prison, showing the daily lives of inmates.

However, authorities pointed out “live-footage” was in fact two hours behind.

A source said it appeared the prison’s CCTV system was hacked on Monday night.

The Youtube account of the hacker named Big Brother’s Gaze also shows leaked CCTV prison footage from countries including Russia, Australia and the United States.




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