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Govt Resistance is Ineffective in use of new Antibiotics

Govt Resistance is Ineffective in use of new Antibiotics

State-run hospitals across the country will have to join the Public Health Ministry’s fight against drug resistance and its promotion of rational drug use, said a senior public health official.

Public health permanent secretary Jetsada Chokedamrongsuk said all state hospitals must sign up to a five-year programme to curb abuse of antibiotics in an effort to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Overuse or misuse of antibiotics is making it more difficult to treat certain diseases, resulting in longer periods of treatment and higher costs. Dr. Jetsada said hospital management is required to raise awareness of rational drug use among health professionals, especially recent graduates, and to promote the use of herbs and alternative medicines where possible and appropriate. Several herbs are known for their medicinal properties. Fa Thalai Jone (Andrographis paniculata) is known to help symptoms of the common cold while Khamin Chan (turmeric) can relieve gastritis and flatulence.

Under the five-year plan, regional hospitals are expected to reduce the use of antibiotics by 20% and cut illnesses caused by drug resistance by 50%. “If the programme succeeds, we will save a lot of money from the unnecessary use of medications,” he said. According to Dr. Jetsada, state-run hospitals are also required to set up a surveillance system for safe use of medicines for respiratory diseases and diarrhea and databases for drug resistance. This information is a prerequisite for the development of health management plans, further research and innovation and formulation of a public health policy, he noted.

Meanwhile, the Public Health Ministry is also urging people aged 35 and above to undergo an annual health examination. Opas Karnkawinpong, deputy permanent secretary, said regular medical checkups can spot the early symptoms of heart disease which is one of the country’s leading causes of death, along with cancer and accidents. According to Dr. Opas, about 54,000 Thai people die of heart diseases each year, or six people every hour. In most cases, the victims had no prior warnings. “Annual checkups help people keep their health in check. They can then seek treatment at an earlier stage or make changes to reduce their risks,” he said. Source: Bangkok Post


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