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German tourist found dead in a pool of blood near Phuket

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A large number of officials including the governor of Phang Nga province responded after a maid found a 60-year-old German man dead in a pool of blood in a Khao Lak room yesterday afternoon.

Uwe Meisser checked in last Sunday and on Wednesday the maid left a bottle of water hanging on the door as there was a “Do Not Disturb” sign put out.

She noticed that the water was still in place on Friday and she had not seen the tourist for two days so she decided to enter the room. She immediately called the police.

There was vomit containing blood on the bed and alcohol and tonic drinks in the room. It was determined that the victim had been dead for two days. Decomposition had begun.

A quantity of an antithrombotic medicine (that stops blood clots) was found in a cloth bag.

Sanook reported that this can have adverse stomach reactions when combined with alcohol.

Both front and back doors of the room were secured and there were no signs of a struggle.

The body was taken for autopsy.

The report was unusual in that a very large number of police both local and provincial, local officials and forensic teams were on the scene.

And if the room was ‘secured’ it is not clear how the maid got in.


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