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German Murder suspect found with slashed neck, but still alive

German Murder suspect found with slashed neck, but still alive

A murder suspect from Germany has been found in Phuket with his neck slashed by what they think is a kitchen knife as the search for him gathered pace.

The German man was wanted in connection with the murder of a 34 year old Thai girl, named Lek.

The investigation started on July 2nd, when Lek first went missing. Some of Lek’s friends who also lived in the same building as Lek and her German boyfriend, had heard the couple arguing in the room on July 1st, but thought nothing of it as it was becoming a regular occurrence.

Other witnesses said that the had seen the rented car used by Lek and her boyfriend leave and come back twice within a short period that same night.

The next day, alarm bells were first raised when Lek didn’t turn up for her daily beauty treatment at her friend’s salon. Phone calls to Lek’s phone simply rang with no answer.

Later that day, on July 2nd, a missing person’s report was filed with Phuket police.

Police immediately tracked down Lek’s phone and after consulting her friend’s, they confirmed that she had recently been sending messages to her ex, saying that she felt “scared” and that she “couldn’t break up with her current boyfriend out of fear that he might do something crazy”.

They also tracked down the rented car used by the couple using the GPS tracker and found that it has been stationary for a couple of days.

There was, however, still no sign of the boyfriend, who had gone missing and become the number 1 suspect as far as police were concerned.

After 9 days of searching, police found the dead boy of Lek, dumped in a grassy area off the beaten track. News was released of the finding and less than a couple of hours later, the body of the German boyfriend was later discovered with his throat slashed, but still breathing.

There was no sign of any struggle of or injuries on the body, other than the knife wound to the neck and police are already under the impression that it was an attempt at taking his own life.

The German man is now in hospital recovering from his injury under close supervision from Phuket police.

They will wait until the man is in a fit enough state before commencing with their questioning.

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