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Garbage Problem is getting out of control in Samui

Garbege Problem is getting out of control in Samui

Garbage disposal problem in Samui Island is getting out of control as local authorities warn that within the next eight months, it’s 30-rai landfill now holding more than 200,000 tons of accumulated garbage will be full and is unable to handle any more daily garbage of 150-200 tons.

The warning came from Samui mayor Ramnate Jaikwang earlier this week as the garbage problem is getting worse. Mayor Ramnate said at present the island’s 30-rai landfill already holds mountains of garbage of over 200,000 tons, while 150-200 tons keep coming in daily for disposal. The local administration is calling a bid to dispose it. The huge piles of garbage was accumulated at its disposal plant at Tambon Maret since 2012 after its incinerator had broken down. It broke down because it burnt without proper separation of the garbage from the original sources, he said.

With the accumulated garbage plus the daily garbage coming in, this landfill will no longer hold any more after the next eight months, he said. But he said that if there is no problem in the bidding, the disposal of the garbage outside the island could begin mid next month (September 2017). He said that the main reason to remove the garbage out of Samui for disposal in mainland disposal plants because of growing protest by local residents. Local communities are concerned of environmental impact from the garbage landfill and incinerator, he said.

As the local administration is also sympathised with them, it therefore holds bid to get a contractor to move the garbage out for disposal outside the island as the best option to resolve the garbage problem, he said. But he added a campaign is necessary to urge residents as well as business operators to separate their garbage and reduce the garbage they throw daily.
Of the existing 600 business operators, including hotel and tour companies, only 10% have been active in the campaign, he added. Thai PBS

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