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Gangster harassing family, police remain silent


A member of the family posted a video on Facebook showing a local gangster harassing her family. The gangster claims the father owes him money but this is not true. The police have been notified and have done nothing. Many families in the area are being harassed by the same man.  The incident took place in Kathu District, Phuket Province. The gangster walked into the family-owned chicken grill stall and started destroying goods inside before pushing the mother. He was carrying a gun making threats to use it. The Facebook user states he will come again and has already visited the family 3 times in a day. 

Credit: Khaosod

The video shows a shirtless man shouting in front of the stall. An argument started and the man walked towards the mother as if he was going to attack her. He used an object to smash goods in the stall along with kicking the gate. Before leaving the man threatened to shoot the family and the video was cut off. The family reveals they have had issues with the man starting since the start of this month (August 2020). On the 9th he came to harass the family at their home. The brother went to file a report with the police. The man didn’t stop and continued to regularly harass the family both at the home and at their business. The family decided to install a security camera system for their own safety. After the latest attack, the family called the police who told them to file a 2nd report with the police. 

The brother was at the police station to file another report when the gangster returned for the 2nd time on the same day. The brother informed the police and 4-5 officers came to the location but nothing happened to the man. The family is confused as police met the man but nothing was done to help stop the harassment. The Facebook user decided to file a lawsuit against the man and will have to wait about 2 weeks for the process to start. The family has previously decided to remain silent as they didn’t want problems but the harassment has gotten worse and turned into attacks on members in the family.  

Credit: Khaosod

Police Colonel Kitipong Klaikaew from the Kathu Police Station has stated that officials are working on the case and are searching for the man. Another villager in the area revealed that the gangster’s name is Dam. Dam is rich, drives fast, and is loud. Dam often drives into other cars if he is angry at them. Many villagers in the area have been harassed by Dam. 

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