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Fruit seller attacks council staff who asked her to move her stall

A furious fruit seller throws a huge shard of glass and waves a kitchen knife at council staff – after being told to move her stall.

Yon Yanapan, 37, had been selling slices of fresh watermelon and mango from her trolley at the same spot for six years in Nonthaburi.

The mother-of-two paid a discounted rate of 300 baht a month for the pitch – but officials new to the job hiked the fee in line with other street vendors on the road.

They demanded 1,300 baht a month then asked Yon to move – sparking a furious outburst from the woman.

She waved an eight-inch long knife at one council worker then smashed her own glass trolley and hurled the deadly shard at another worker.

Pictures taken by the council officer appear to show a large wound on his fore arm.

Council staff and police are now investigating the incident which happened on October 6 at around 6pm.

A Nonthaburi government spokesman said: ”A municipal official was injured by the broken glass of the fruit seller.

”We have invited police to meet with both sides and find a resolution and for a suitable place for the fruit cart to be used.”

Yon, who is back working again on the stretch of the Rattanathibet Road motorway, apologised for injuring the worker.

She said: ”I did not hit the man with the big knife but I was angry because I paid money and they still wanted me to move.

”I will say sorry to the person who I injured with the broken glass. I was wrong to do that.

”I have worked here for six or seven years always paying 300 baht to the old worker, so increasing the price was too much.”

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