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French tourists attacked by KILLER WASPS in Thailand


Thai Rath reported that two French tourists trekking in the Mae Ai district of ChiangMai had survived an attack by a swarm of killer wasps.

A French man was out of the hospital but his 59-year-old wife was still in hospital in Chiang Rai. The attack happened on Saturday.

Villagers in Pha Tai, Thaton informed the police that they had found their trekking guide dead from multiple stings.

Investigators were unable to get to the corpse of the guide because the wasps were still swarming near the body. He was named as 58-year-old Sanchai Phao-Arun.

Rescue teams were planning a further attempt to retrieve his body later.

The media reported that the couple had been out on a nature trail with the guide. When the wasps attacked they all ran in different directions and they lost contact with the guide.

He was only found sometime later.

Villagers helped the foreigners get to the hospital for treatment.

The wasps were described as black with a furry body.

French couple survive attack by “killer wasps” but trekking guide is killed
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