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Fr. Legaspi brings healing touch to Pattaya

A man walked into Church of the Assumption on crutches. He left waving them over his head, convinced he could walk again because of the healing touch of a visiting Roman Catholic priest.

Catholic healer Rev. Corsie Legaspi from the Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Rosario, Cavite in the Philippines made his semi-annual pilgrimage to Pattaya April 7.

Parishioners with everything from cancerous tumors to sore limbs turned out, looking for a miracle. They all waited to be touched by the holy priest, with two who claimed they couldn’t walk before the mass, again moving under their own power.

Others claimed their frozen shoulders thawed, injured legs and hips healed and cancerous lumps disappeared. Some of the healed fainted into the arms of assistants standing by. Fr. Legaspi said he obtained his ability in 1975 after a Charismatics prayer meeting when people collapsed after he touched them during prayer. He says after a subsequent lengthy prayer his mother, terminally ill with lung cancer, awoke from her comatose state to walk again. Fr. Legaspi has traveled the world ever since hosting healing ceremonies. Pmail

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