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3-year-old grabbed cobra as a gift for mom.

3-year-old grabbed cobra as a gift for mom.

A 3-year-old girl named Nammon grabbed a cobra with her bare hands and then gave it to her mom. The family was extremely shocked to hear what had happen the young girl found a cobra in her bedroom. Out of innocence, the girl grabbed the cobra and headed to show her mom her new snake friend.

When the mother saw Nammon with a cobra in her hand, she screamed in shock and quickly told the girl to put the snake down. Mom then carried her daughter to a safe distance away from the cobra.


A Facebook user named “Ruangchai Suthijun” posted on the 23rd of this month a picture of the cobra and Nammom happily smiling. The post captioned “Nammon caught a cobra from her bedroom for her mom. We were all shocked, but glad to see that Nammon was safe, she had a tattoo on her leg drawn on by herself.”. The post also attached 2 CCTV footage that showed Nammon walking out with the cobra in her hand.

Nammon’s mother later stated that Nammon was not scared of the snake. This might be from how she would always play with fake snakes and fake animals when she was younger. She might not have realized that the cobra in her bedroom was in fact the real deal. The family hopes that other parents will learn from her mistake and be more careful in this raining season as many snakes will enter homes trying to find shelter from the water.

Children are innocent, innocence is a good thing that should be preserved as long as possible, but it can also be dangerous. Little children may think that a snake or other animals are their friends without realizing the true danger if the animal feels fear and bites the child. Nammon is certainly a lucky girl, the ending might have not been good if the cobra decided to bite her.

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