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First-ever two-MP election in Banglamung District

Due to Pattaya’s expansion, Banglamung District will elect two MPs for the first time.

As a result of its recent separation into the constituencies 8 and 9, Banglamung has gained attention. The political competition between Sonthaya Kunplome of the Pheu Thai Party and Suchart Chomklin of the United Thai Nation Party has drawn attention to these constituencies.Sonthaya, who has once again switched parties in an effort to advance to a position of authority, is anticipated to use this election as a gauge of her confidence and standing. In order to win, he disbanded his own Palang Chon Party.

The election campaigns in Constituencies 8 and 9 adopted a different strategy than in the past as the globe changed from an analog to a digital one.MP candidates now primarily use social media and other digital platforms to contact their audience rather than presenting their election campaigns in person.

Many people had anticipated MP candidates to individually meet with them to present their campaigns, therefore this change in campaigning tactics caught some by surprise.Despite the fact that the digital campaign strategy has improved communication efficiency, some voters in Constituencies 8 and 9 still say they would like to meet candidates in person as opposed to merely getting to know them through social media. It is yet unclear how these new campaigning strategies will affect voters’ choices and the outcome of the election as it draws closer.

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