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Father-Son Surrender After Fleeing Abroad

Father-Son Surrender After Fleeing Abroad

After reportedly importing unknown pork from 33 out of 161 containers in Leam Chabang, Chonburi, a father and son duo willingly turned themselves in after escaping overseas and revealing this information to Thai Special Investigative agents, who then made the information publically available to Thai national media.
The Thai police have named Mr. Wirat P. and Mr. Thanakrit P. as the men they believe to be the proprietors of the pork that was found in containers but could not identify. It is said that a father and son team allegedly ran the business. They allegedly made hundreds of millions of baht in revenue by renting cold storage containers in multiple places, where they kept unidentified pig products.
During this time, the relevant officials questioned the accused owners in order to further hold the concerned persons accountable for their offenses related to the unlawful importation of beef into Thailand.
In addition, the Special Investigative Officers issued arrest warrants on private shipping businesses that were reportedly involved in illegally importing meat with over ten individuals; six of the suspected suspects were apprehended, while the remaining four alleged suspects are still at large.

The Special Investigative Officers have stated that the legal proceedings are moving forward without any delays; nevertheless, certain information is still considered classified and cannot be shared with the public at this time. In fact, the investigating team has already compiled a report that details each step they took.

credit TPN

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