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Fake Tourist caught with over 5 million in Drugs

Fake Tourist caught with over 5 million in Drugs

Today, an individual identified as Ae Rai Rhon Khon, hailing from Phetchaburi, was detained under the circumstances of masquerading as a tourist and engaging in the illicit transportation of narcotics within a passenger van.

As the individual was about to enter Kanchanaburi, law enforcement officials confiscated around 60,000 methamphetamine pills.

The apprehension ensued following to receipt of intelligence on an illicit drug transportation endeavor originating from a neighboring nation and directed towards Thailand.

Ae Rai Rhon Khon was observed displaying behavior that raised concerns while aboard a passenger van en route from Sankhlaburi to Kanchanaburi.

She was in possession of two bags containing a sizable amount of illegal substances, which the police discovered during their investigation.

These substances included 48,200 pills of methamphetamine, 275 grams of heroin, and 90 grams of ice, which is a form of methamphetamine.

The estimated worth of the pills was approximately 5.5 million baht.

The individual suspected of drug trafficking, whose identity is being suppressed but is referred to as Passiyawee, aged 43, hailing from Rai Khon in the Ban Lad District of Phetchaburi, admitted to the charges during the course of the interrogation.

The person revealed that a male had hired her to retrieve drugs from a Burmese drug dealer who was close to the Three Pagodas Pass at the Thai-Burmese border.

The narcotics were intended for transportation to a criminal organization involved in drug trafficking located in Kanchanaburi. In exchange for the provision of her services, she would be remunerated with a sum of 85,000 baht.
Passiyawee admitted that this was her second instance of drug delivery.

A fortnight before, she successfully executed a comparable task by assuming the role of a tourist and operating a motor vehicle. On this occasion, the individual made the decision to embark on her journey in a passenger vehicle, with the intention of avoiding detection by law enforcement personnel.

The individual had intended to transport illicit substances to a recipient in Kanchanaburi; however, her endeavor was thwarted, and she was apprehended prior to reaching her designated location for drug distribution.

According to a report by KhaoSod, Passiyawee was apprehended and subsequently detained, being transferred to investigators for additional interrogation prior to the commencement of judicial procedures.

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