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Fake COVID news 35 arrested (update)

The police along with the Digital Economy and Society Ministry’s Anti-Fake News Centre and the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission had cracked down on people that had allegedly posted fake news regarding the Covid-19 pandemic

“From December 18 to February 4, officials have arrested 35 people for posting false information online,” Pol Maj-General Phanthana Nuchanart, chief liaison officer for the Anti-Fake News Centre, said.

“Four of these persons had allegedly written the posts themselves, while 31 others shared fake news about the Covid-19 situation.”

The fake stories being shared had included reports that migrant workers had broken out of a quarantine facility, claims that Covid-19 is caused by bacteria from the 5G spectrum and not a virus and announcements that travel to some provinces is prohibited.

“Orignal posters will be charged for violating the Computer Crime Act and Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations, which if found guilty can carry a punishment of up to five years in prison and/or Bt100,000 in fines,”, Phanthana added.

For the individuals that had shared the fake news had been let off with a simple warning but were all told to delete or edit their posts

“Please verify the information you receive with related agencies before posting or sharing to avoid breaking the law,” Phanthana said.


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