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EVA Air places an order for five Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

EVA Air has officially placed an order for five Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

The airline has a growing order list for Boeing 787 aircraft.

EVA Air announced yesterday that it is increasing its fleet by five Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. The widebody aircraft are part of the Taiwanese carrier’s effort to increase the fleet’s efficiency.

order after order

For those who have been following Basic Flying, this information won’t be shocking at all. This month, it was announced that EVA Air was preparing to buy five new Dreamliners. The airline finally made a happy announcement about the repeat order with Boeing.

The operator is experienced with 787 flights. Ten units are now housed there, four 787-9s and six 787-10s. There are 278 economy seats and 26 business seats on board the -9s. The -10s, meanwhile, are completely full, with 308 economy seats and 34 business seats. The airline also has unfulfilled orders for seven -10s and nine -9s.

The new arrivals will help the airline meet an upsurge in demand this decade as the company’s recovery cycle has already begun as a result of its key markets finally removing pandemic restrictions at the beginning of the year.

In a statement, the president of EVA Air said the following about the Dreamliner:

“Our 787 fleet has established the cornerstone of our carbon-neutral growth strategy, and we’ll keep utilizing this aircraft’s unmatched effectiveness and efficiency for a very long time. This new order supports our continued efforts to run a more environmentally friendly fleet that will allow us to lower carbon emissions while still offering top-notch service to our customers.

Stan Deal, president and chief executive officer of Boeing Commercial Airlines, expressed his excitement with the decision.

Repeat orders for the 787 are evidence of the value this family of aircraft adds to its network, and EVA Air has one of the most effective and environmentally friendly widebody fleets in the world. EVA Air is well positioned for growth with more Dreamliners, especially when passenger travel in Asia returns to pre-pandemic levels.

Long-term potential

The 777-200Fs, 34 777-300ERs, and an additional 777 freighter are available to support the 787 in the widebody fleet.

The 787 was well-represented on services to Milan, Munich, Vienna, and Seattle – highlighting the plane’s versatility on continental and transoceanic routes.However, the 787 is essential in the effort to modernize passenger operations.

According to Cirium data, the 787 formed around 25% of EVA’s widebody flights from Taipei earlier this month. The type flew primarily to the likes of Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo. The upcoming ships bring up to 25% more fuel efficiency than previous generations, made possible by their 80% composite materials and cutting-edge GEnx engines. But, the carrier will be aiming to use broader benefits of the incoming vessels, including their effic

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