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Five Distinctive Characteristics of Emirates Airline

Five Characteristics of Emirates as a Distinctive Airline

Emirates offers unique amenities like bigger entertainment screens and amenity packs for every fare.

Emirates has long been regarded as one of the top airlines in the world and has amassed a plethora of accolades. The majority of passengers claim it has a lot to do with the excellent service from first class to economy, the more expansive and contemporary in-flight entertainment, and the better-than-average onboard cuisine. Let’s examine a few of the factors that make Emirates so renowned.

kits of amenities for each class

The complimentary amenity kits that keep travelers refreshed after lengthy flights are a passenger favorite and are often reserved for business, first class, and occasionally premium economy (a class that Emirates inaugurated in 2021). Emirates goes a step farther and offers these kits in economy.

The business claims that the kits come with socks, eye protection, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a bookmark. Also, the kits are constructed from recycled materials to resemble the components of Earth as well as the six geographical areas covered by the company’s network, including South America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Australasia.


Emirates also debuted the first interactive amenity kit in the globe in 2016, which further enhanced this distinctive feature. Customers may scan their amenity bags to activate a variety of functions thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology that was made possible through a collaboration with the Blippar smartphone app. Customers may use the app to point at various things and discover fun facts, with content purportedly being updated every six months.


extremely kid-friendly

Even while most airlines must provide for children, Emirates is renowned for going above and beyond for parents. The Dubai-based airline offers discounted fares for children between the ages of two and eleven and newborns under the age of two who travel on their laps or in bassinets. Unusually, Emirates provides free strollers for parents at the check-in counters in Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport (DXB).

Children from two to twelve receive specially prepared lunches on the flight. The organic Ella’s Kitchen line is now available for babies. Emirates also has plans for parents who are especially prepared.

When bringing their own food, passengers can microwave it on the plane, and flight attendants will have extra bottles and formula available for those who don’t have enough. Emirates also allows children to snuggle with cuddly companions and a warm blanket while traveling. Activity sheets and stickers will be provided for older children to keep them amused.


stopover in Dubai included

Emirates makes it simpler for clients to take advantage of Dubai, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, during a lengthy layover. Emirates provides free transit visas to customers who want to extend their layover (and will even help with the application process).

Also, the company will organize the entire trip. Passengers can unwind and enjoy the experience while Emirates arranges everything, including hotels (with 24-hour check-in), transfers, and exclusive discounts on attractions. Customers will also receive a 10% discount from Emirates when purchasing new flights.


superior showers

One of just two airlines, Emirates, offers first-class passengers a spa-like shower experience at 30,000 feet. Emirates takes pride in operating the two-story aircraft, but many airlines have been eager to retire their Airbus A380 models, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen single-aisle travel lead the recovery.

The additional space includes a roomy shower, which may persuade passengers to choose the A380 over the Boeing 777 when booking a journey.

Although not every A380 has a shower, the two that do are near the front of the upper deck. Passengers can take a shower once every flight, and they will have about 30 minutes in the roomy restroom, which is often busiest two hours before arrival.

The sole drawback is that consumers only receive flowing water for five minutes, although most reviewers agree that this is more than enough time. A flight attendant will inquire about clients’ desire to reserve the shower before or after takeoff and will collect them when the time is appropriate.

Also, the shower includes heated floors, a flexible shower nozzle, and a variety of skincare products to help passengers feel revitalized. The other airline that provides the option for a full body wash on board is Etihad, which is also based in the United Arab Emirates.


Distinguished in-flight entertainment

Emirates has consistently won the Skytrax ‘best inflight entertainment’ awards for more than ten years, and for good reason. In the 1990s, Emirates was one of the first airlines to provide personal entertainment systems. Although the expensive venture was initially questioned by the industry, it is now considered the norm for long-distance travel.

The business refers to it as the ICE system, which stands for information, communication, and entertainment, and has worked hard to make it the greatest in the business. Screen sizes in first class can reach 32 inches, while those in economy have substantial 13.3-inch sizes.

The organization provides up to 5,000 movie, music, and game channels along with a variety of alternative activities, such as personal growth programs. It is highly renowned for offering the most recent seasons of well-liked TV series.

In fact, according to Emirates, it would take 500 flights between Sydney and Dubai for a passenger to see everything in the room. Many of us have grown bored after using the minimal amenities offered by a number of different airlines, so this is a convenient feature for someone who travels frequently.

Therefore, these are the top five characteristics that set Emirates apart from other airlines operating globally. The company’s outstanding growth throughout the years has been aided by these qualities. Undoubtedly, the operator stands out for a number of other reasons as well. But, there is a common theme among these factors—the emphasis on providing top-notch customer servic

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