Pattaya hotel cashier stealing a guest’s debit card


Pattaya hotel cashier stealing a guest’s debit card

A Pattaya hotel cashier was arrested by police at her apartment room in Pattaya on theft charges after she allegedly stole a hotel guest’s debit card and spent almost 500,000 baht in shopping spree.

Police found a Honda car, a motorcycle, gold ornaments and a contract to buy land in her apartment room and in the apartment. The arrest of the suspect, Ms Sukanya Deecharoen, 36, a native of Nong Khai, followed a complaint filed with Pattaya police on Dec 17 by Mrs Jidapa Thongchan, 47, and her Caucasian husband that their debit card and bank passbook went missing from their hotel room.  They found out later on that their bank account was 478,959 baht short.

Mrs Jidapa told the police that they usually stayed in the same hotel when her husband came to Thailand and there had not been a problem before.  This time however, she said they deposited the key room with the cashier before their departure for her hometown in Surin to visit her family. After receiving the complaint, Pattaya police checked the footages of the CCTV system of the hotel and they found the suspect entering the two victims’ hotel room.  The police then sought an arrest warrant from the court.

The suspect admitted to the police that she used the victims’ debit card to buy gold ornaments which were later pawned for cash which she spent to repay her debts and to buy other things. Police alleged that the suspect had committed similar offence twice but escaped arrest.  Source: Thai PBS

  • JACK

    ” the suspect had committed similar offence twice but escaped arrest. ”
    then went on to continue working as a Hotel receptionist, the women is a career criminal and rotten to the core, give her 5 years hard labour and confiscate everything she owns to compensate her victims! even your valuables in a room safe are not safe in this land of thieves and crooks.

    • Tony Akhurst

      Only 5 years No give her life.

    • private pile

      She must be a police officers naughty daughter

  • ken

    Thai culture of no accountability and responsibility in this wasteland allowed this tart to accomplish this heist. I would also thoroughly investigate the relationship between this thief and the wife as this smells like conspiracy to me.

    • Charles Baht Trump

      hes at it again, longest running comment in internet history, LOL

  • Stevie Cruise

    dont come to thai..stay away from thai

    • Ken Anderson

      Excellent advice.

  • Ok now

    The Thai stig at work again ?????…………….come on rip the helmet off the thief and show everyone her stupid face.

  • private pile

    Police mafia got paid off ….show her scummy thief face tell us where she lives and the hotel she worked

  • gwats1957

    OK… WHY would you leave an ATM card, and a Bankbook in the Hotel room while you were OUT of town? Every Bank has a SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX available for long term storage of valuables…. I hope they are made whole by the Hotel, but there is probably a loophole to let the Hotel ‘off the hook’…. there always is….

  • Ken Anderson

    Never ever trust hotel room safes. They can all be opened with a simple pass code, and / or a key.
    Many years ago, a hotel in Pattaya, The Bay Breeze, I stayed at a few times regularly had customers complaining of small scale thefts from their room safe.

    • Sly

      I’d trust the hotel safe before I’d trust the rabble on Pattaya streets not to mug me. Besides, you can buy inexpensive travel locks to attach to your safe for additional deterrence and indicates if there’s been tampering.

      • Ken Anderson

        Years ago at the Bay Breeze as I spoke about, it was all just odd notes going missing, many I would think possibly didn’t even notice. It was all kept small scale probably for that very reason.
        I used to have a pack of envelopes with me, put my cash in an envelope and sealed it, having written on the inside the contents. Next time I opened it to get some cash out, just repeated the process with a new envelope.
        I suspected a couple of times someone had been in the safe as things appeared to have been moved, but nothing ever went missing. Simple but effective.

  • Robins

    At least they’ve found some use for motorcycle helmets.