Son of beer bar bar owner attacks his girlfriend and damages vehicles


Son of beer bar bar owner attacks his girlfriend and damages vehicles

The son of a beer bar owner was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning after trouble in front of a central Pattaya hotel.

A motorcycle taxi guy called Weerasak, 36, said he saw Pheeraphan, 28, arguing with his girlfriend in a car at an intersection around 5am.

She got out and the fight continued – this time it got physical. They were arguing over a million baht that Pheeraphan said his girlfriend owed to him.

Several people tried to intervene and two men were assaulted by Pheeraphan who then drove his Honda Civic into six motorbikes and a BMW.

Police managed to arrest him after he was chased and detained by bystanders.

He was charged with assault and drunk and disorderly behavior.

As far as the damage was concerned, Sanook reported that would be dealt with when he had sobered up and had time to call his mum.

He was not charged with drinking and driving, according to the report.

Sanook said that the arrested man is the son of a businessman who owns beer bars in Soi 8, central Pattaya.

Source: Thai Visa


  • paulk

    Now why would his girlfriend owe him a million baht?

    If he lent it to her, then som nam na.

    If he’s her pimp, then som nam na.

    Either way, som nam na, Pheeraphan.

    • weasel

      too right. spoilt mummy’s boy.i find it hard to believe that he assaulted two men on his own. normally the other way round.

  • amazingthailand

    1st financial rule in wastelsnd Never loan to a native baboon

    • Keinemultikulti

      Never loan to native girl nowhere in the world.
      Are you stupid.
      And I’m wondering for the stupid comments every time here.
      I have lived eight years in Thailand, and it’s not much better on the other countries.
      If you all are so dissatisfied with Thailand, it could maybe better to return to your own cows in your mamma’s homeland.

  • ken

    Lovely destructive Thai story. Liar of a RFD as no way she had a million baht to loan this dead beat Thai man but she did loan him some money. Good of this braid dead Thai man to assault two other Thai men and damaged his Honda, a BMW and six motorcycles, very good deed and he did that in only a few minutes. Imagine the destruction that occurs in a day by these monkeys.

    • taff

      I think you might have read this wrong Ken, apparently the thai guy lent his GF the million Bt

  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    This son of a beer bar guy must be some son of a gun or a son of a b itch obviously he has been up to no good with illegal drugs and illegal drug transactions and a million gorillas too that must be some significant drugs he can’t be no son of a preacher man .

  • Ken Anderson

    Who in their right mind would lend a million baht to some rice farmers daughter?
    For sure most of that cash, if not all will have gone up to her hillbilly community, and will have been squandered on drink, drugs and prostitutes by the lazy waste of space male members of her family.

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      That’s how he made his gorilla in the first place he is the son of a gun bar owner they make there money from booze , home brew, illegal drugs , gambling , getting idiot farangs sozzled up then ring the bell all night, bar girls pick pocket you , prostitution , open your eyes you dumbo Rhubarb muncher pom haven’t you ever been to Pattaya ?

  • le chef

    drunk driving thought they were cracking down on that
    ( who you gonna call? ghostbust – ” MUMMY ” !!!!