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ECT announced 100% results of Election votes

ECT announced 100% results of Election votes

The Election Commission of Thailand has announced 100% count of the Election results from the general election date on the 24th of this month.

The public has been asking the ECT to reveal 100% of the election results, the ECT announced on the 28th of this month 100% of raw information on the votes that each party received, the number of votes and the number of seats secured for members of the house representatives are not the same, the number of seats in the parliament and the party list is calculated from the votes in each polling station separately.

95% of the results were revealed on the 25th of this month, or one day after the election date, the information helped give us an idea of the seats in the parliament including who won the popular vote. The Pheu Thai Party secured the most seats in the parliament. Both parties stated that they claiming the right to form the new government with each racing to gather as many political parties together separating into two groups, the pro-army group of parties and the pro-democracy group of parties.


ECT revealed that there were 51,239,638 citizens with the right to vote. Out of the 100%, 74.69% of the citizens voted with a number of 38,268,375 citizens voted. 25.31% did not vote forming a number of 12,971,263 citizens who did not vote. There were 38,268,366 ballot papers used where 92.85% were valid ballots with a total of 35,532,645 ballots. 5.57% were invalid ballots with a total of 2,130,327 invalid ballots. 1.58% were NOTA ballots with a total of 605,392 no votes.


  1. The pro-army party Palang Pracha Rath Party won the popular vote with a number of 8,433,137 Votes.

2. The pro-democracy group Pheu Thai Party came in second at 7,920,630 Votes.
3. The Future Forward Party received 6,265,950 Votes.

4. The Democrat Party received 3,947,726 Votes.

5. Bhum Jai Thai Party received 3,947,726 Votes.

The rest of the votes went to the other 21 parties. 

ECT also revealed that there have been 186 complaints made towards the election management of ECT in this year’s general election. There will be investigations into each of the complaints where the results of the investigations will be announced on the 9th of May this year.

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