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Dog stops owners from entering their home

Dog stops owners from entering their home

A photo of this cute, 4-month-old puppy who got lost and ended up guarding the wrong house in Ayutthaya province went viral in Thailand recently.

The dog’s owner, Nattaphol Lertrattayakul, shared the hilarious story of his Bangkaew puppy “Dido” who caused a little nuisance in his village last week. The dog got confused, ended up at his neighbor’s house and decided he wouldn’t let the real homeowners into their home.

“The housing management called me and said my dog was guarding the wrong house, no one dared get close to him, and we needed to bring him home,” Nattaphol told Coconuts.

In Thailand, Bangkaews are known as amazing guard dogs…at least, when they’re at the right house.

“Lucky that my girlfriend’s office is not far from the house, so she went to check on the dog. It was so funny. Whoever came close to him, he barked at them as if he was the owner of the house. But when my girlfriend arrived, he was so happy to see her,” Natthaphol added.

“My neighbor was a little irritated, though, because he came home that day to let the repairman in,” he said.

Natthaphol said that Dido is usually not allowed out of the house’s area, and he didn’t realize the puppy was big enough to climb out of the fence.

Personality-wise, Natthaphol said Dido is a goofy dog who loves attention. “When I take a nap, he’d always wake me up because he wants to play.”

Natthaphol has fixed the fence, and here’s a photo of Dido at his rightful home.

Source: Coconuts

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