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Female factory workers claim doctor fondled their breasts

Female factory workers claim doctor fondled their breasts

A doctor in Thailand’s Nakhon Ratchasima province is being charged with molestation after a group of female factory workers claimed he groped their breasts during their annual checkup at their workplace.

Investigating officer Pol. Lt. Col. Trakarn Saksrikrom, issued a summons today after 11 workers came to file a complaint yesterday against the doctor, whose name has not yet been released. They all told similar stories of what happened at the Siam Fukoku factory in Sung Noen district, reported Bangkok Post.

The incidents happened on Friday when hundreds of employees had checkups all day. The women who filed the complaint all said that the doctor unzipped their coveralls to the waist without asking them if it was okay before fondling their breasts.

During their previous annual exams, they said that chest checkups had been done with a stethoscope and that the prescribed mandatory checkups search for 15 diseases, but breast cancer is not one of them.

Before coming to the police station, the women who had been groped questioned the other women at the factory and realized that not all had been molested. They determined among themselves that only good-looking ones had been groped.

The doctor, who has not been named, could face up to ten years in prison and/ or a fine of THB20,000 if found guilty of molesting the women.

Source: Coconuts

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