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Current list of who can fly into Thailand starting Wednesday


When Thailand’s ban on international flights lifts this Wednesday, a confusing array of rules will limit who can fly into the country again – and who cannot.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand last night announced the ban would be lifted July 1 after health officials made a series of revisions to whom could obtain permission to travel, and what conditions and rules airlines and passengers will be expected to follow.

Earlier on Monday, officials expanded the list of foreigners who may enter the kingdom –  which included expats with Thai families, business people, medical tourists and those with work permits or residency in Thailand – to include their families and other groups.

The following types of flights will be allowed to fly in and out:

State and military aircraft
Emergency landings
Those without disembarking passengers
Humanitarian aid, medical and relief
Cargo flights

The following passengers may fly in:

Thai nationals
Non-Thai nationals who are spouses, parents or children of a Thai national
Non-Thai nationals who hold valid certificates of residence, or permission to take up residence in the kingdom
Non-Thai nationals who hold valid work permits or are allowed to work in the kingdom, including their spouses and children
Short-term business travelers from – for now – Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong (200 from each country)
Carriers of necessary goods, subject to immediate return upon completion
Flight crew whose jobs require travel into the kingdom with a specified date and time of return
Non-Thai nationals registered to study at approved educational institutions, including their parents or guardians
Non-Thai nationals who are in need of medical treatment in Thailand and their attendants. However, this shall not include treatment for COVID-19
Diplomats, consular officers, as well as members of international organizations, government representatives and foreign government agencies working in Thailand
Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter the kingdom under special arrangement

As the aviation authority notes, all travelers must comply with immigration and health laws, which for now mandate two weeks of quarantine at the traveler’s expense.

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