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All currencies fall against the strong Thai baht

All currencies continue to fall against the strong Thai Baht. And things are expected to get much worse for tourists and local expats relying on funds from their home countries.

Some analysts predict the GBP to drop further as the date approaches for a ‘no deal’ Brexit and the Thai Baht remains inflated.

As of 8.30am Bangkok time, the Baht to GBP exchange rate has dropped below 37.5 baht to the pound.

In August 2015 a British Pound could buy 55 baht. That situation has dramatically changed in the four years since, partly because of ‘Project Fear’ touted by the European Union and its fans ahead of Brexit negotiations.

Since Boris Johnson was appointed by the Conservative Party to head the British Parliament, the pound has dropped another few percent.

But BREXIT has not been the reason for the inflated Thai Baht and Brits are not the only ones suffering it effects.

One Aussie expat in Pattaya recently told how the best part of 25,000 baht per month has been wiped off his pension, dropping from around 90,000 baht per month to around 65,000 baht per month.


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