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4 Bangkok cops suspended after French tourist extorted for Bt250,000

French tourist extorted

A national police spokesman has said that four officers at Bangkok’s notorious Thong Lo police station have been suspended.

They are caught up in the ongoing inquiry into allegations made by a Frenchman that he was extorted out of $8,000 or 250,000 baht.

Jean S. said earlier that he had been shaken down and made to undress in a drug bust in the street.

He had no drugs and though a blood test showed traces of marijuana this was later shown to be from legal medicine he was taking which was confirmed by a doctor’s report.

However, he had arranged through a Thai/Indian friend and his girlfriend to pay for his quick release.

Now national RTP spokesman Pol Col Krissana Pattanacharoen said that following a committee set up by Region 5 commander of the metropolitan police Pol Maj-Gen Samart Srisiriwiboonchai, four officers at Thong Lo have been suspended.

They will face serious disciplinary procedures. This may result in expulsion from the force and even criminal prosecution.

Others mixed up in the case are also being investigated.

Pol Col Krissana mentioned precedents for such action in continuing nationwide drives by RTP chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda to rid the Thai police of corruption.

The Thong Lo station has become notorious in recent years for alleged cases of shaking down tourists in their jurisdiction.





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