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‘Conflicting versions’ of the officer’s death are depicted in CCTV footage

'Conflicting versions' of officer's death in CCTV footage.

Inconsistent stories were offered by those present at a dinner party on September 6 that culminated in the killing of a police officer, according to files acquired from a CCTV server that was previously installed at the home of tambon Takong head Praween Chankhlai in Nakhon Pathom.

Highway police officer Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua was fatally shot, while another highway police officer Pol Lt Col Wasin Pandee was injured. Thananchai Manmak, the shooter, was later fatally shot by police in Kanchanaburi province.

At Mr. Praween’s home, according to Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, deputy chief of the national police, there are 15 surveillance cameras.

Two CCTV servers were taken out and thrown into a canal behind a temple in tambon Takong after the shooting, he claimed, possibly in an effort to obliterate any potential evidence.

According to Pol Gen Surachate, the servers were found, and forensic investigators were able to recover material pertaining to 13 surveillance cameras. According to him, the audio and video from the retrieved CCTV material allowed law enforcement officials to recognize those who were present at the site and their movements both before and after the shooting.

Two of the security camera’s files were being retrieved, and he stated that they should be available for examination by yesterday.

He said that two video cameras had been unplugged just before Thananchai shot Pol Maj Sivakorn, leading authorities to assume there may have been a plan to conduct the crime.

He claimed that they turned off the two cameras because they anticipated that Thananchai would kill Pol Maj Sivakorn.

More than 56 people, including police and citizens, were at the celebration, according to Pol Gen Surachate. According to him, several were questioned before being charged with crimes for which they were allegedly connected.

He added that those who were questioned had different responses when compared to what was seen in the video. Therefore, he said, there would be another round of questioning.

The video suggests that almost all of the law enforcement officers and partygoers were armed, and no one attempted to intervene after the gunman fired his first shot, according to him.

According to him, there were three groups of people at the scene: those who escorted the two police officers to the hospital, those who escaped, and those who stayed.

Additionally, Pol Gen Surachate attested to Thananchai’s identity as the shooter.

After the files from the two video cameras are recovered and studied, it should become evident whether or not Thananchai was given orders from Mr. Praween to perform the crime.

According to him, forensic investigators were still salvaging one of the servers discovered in the canal.


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