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City plans for one way road trials in 2024

In a surprising move, Pattaya City officials have announced a proposal to convert Soi Buakhao into a one-way road system. The announcement has sparked a range of reactions among locals and tourists alike.

After weeks of anticipation, city authorities finally broke their silence and confirmed that the plan is indeed in the works. However, the timeline has been pushed to early 2024 to avoid disrupting the upcoming Christmas and New Year festivities, ensuring that the bustling holiday season goes smoothly.

The initial trial of the one-way system will focus on Soi Diana and Soi Honey areas, providing an opportunity for authorities to assess the impact on a smaller scale before potentially implementing it citywide. Unfortunately, the exact details of the trial were not disclosed by the city leaders.

Meanwhile, responding to public outcry, Mayor Poramese Ngampiches has pledged to improve the controversial sidewalks near Soi 13/2 and Royal Garden Mall. The mayor aims to widen and enhance walkways, making them more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. Residents were particularly vocal on social media, expressing their concerns about limited space for trees and the need for better pedestrian infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments as Pattaya City undergoes a transformation to improve traffic flow and pedestrian experiences.


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