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Chuwit is prohibited from criticizing marijuana policy

Injunction prohibiting Chuwit Kamolvisit from criticizing the Bhumjaithai party for its marijuana policy was given by Thailand’s Civil Court today (Wednesday), pending the resolution of a defamation action brought by the party against the self-styled whistleblower. 

The Bhumjaithai party filed a motion for temporary protection with the court today, asking for an emergency injunction after the court rejected the party’s complaint on the grounds that preventing Chuwit from criticizing the party might violate the defendant’s right to free expression. The court’s decision is the result of this motion. 

After reviewing the party’s case, the court determined that there was no need to issue an injunction to restrict Chuwit from criticizing the Bhumjaithai party about the Orange Line railway project because it appeared that he had stopped doing so. 

The court also decided that it is unnecessary to seek an injunction to prevent Chuwit from urging people to abstain from voting for the Bhumjaithai party because the party is already covered by the election law. 

But, the court did agree to forbid the informant from opposing the party’s cannabis policy in political campaigns.

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