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Chinese woman escapes rape and murder attempt

Chinese woman Pattaya one Feb 20 2024

Following a harrowing incident near a roadside forest beside Siam Country Club in Pattaya, a 29-year-old Chinese woman named Meilin has recounted her traumatic experience after narrowly escaping a Thai man’s attempted assault and robbery. Meilin and her younger brother, Chen, promptly alerted officers from the Nong Prue Police Station to the forest along the Polo-Ban Bueng Road in Pattaya late in the evening on February 18.

Upon their arrival, law enforcement discovered that a portion of the forest had been burned over an area spanning approximately 70 to 80 meters. Meilin, initially disoriented and disturbed, gradually composed herself and, with the aid of an interpreter, recounted the chilling events to the police.

According to Meilin’s account, she and her brother were awaiting public transport on the Sattahip-Nakhon Ratchasima Road when two Thai men on motorcycles offered them a ride to Walking Street in Pattaya. Meilin and her brother accepted the offer and rode off on separate motorcycles. However, the man who had taken Meilin diverted from the intended route and led her to a remote location. Upon stopping the motorcycle, he forcibly restrained Meilin, attempted to assault her, and subsequently resorted to setting fire to the area before fleeing with her money.

Thankfully, Meilin was able to free herself from her restraints, escape the fire, and reunite with her brother before reporting the horrifying ordeal to the police.

An investigation is now underway, with officers examining security camera footage and identifying the suspect. They have also sought and obtained information from a motorcyclist named Mai, who reportedly took Meilin’s brother to Pattaya.

The police have a strong lead on the suspect’s identity and are making arrangements to question him. The incident has left the victim deeply shaken, and the authorities are focused on swiftly resolving this distressing matter.


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