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Chinese Police to Guard City Tourist Spots

Chinese Police to Guard City Tourist Spots

Pattaya business owners have spoken out in support of the concept that has since been scrapped of asking Chinese police to patrol tourist areas in Thailand. This plan had the intention of boosting the confidence of Chinese tourists who were visiting Thailand.
Despite the fact that the possibility of the proposal that was initially mentioned by the Tourism Authority of Thailand has now been completely ruled out by the government, and despite the fact that the Prime Minister has been continuously denying that it would ever happen after intense criticism online, some private tourism operators in Pattaya still wish for the idea to materialize due to the decline in Chinese visitors.
Mrs. Lamphueng ‘Lisa’ Hamilton, the chairperson of the Pattaya Nightlife Business Association, stated on Tuesday, November 14th, to Thai media that having Chinese police patrol tourist areas in Pattaya is a good idea because the collaboration will help build confidence among Chinese visitors, particularly in terms of safety. Mrs. Hamilton was speaking about how having Chinese police patrol tourist areas in Pattaya is a good idea.
She mentioned that she had chatted with her friends in China and discovered that the majority of Chinese visitors have been cautioned to be cautious when traveling to Thailand, which is a negative indicator for the tourism industry in Thailand.

She stated that because of this, collaboration between the law enforcement agencies of the two nations is an excellent approach to increase the safety of Chinese tourists. This is especially true considering that the Chinese police already have names of offenders who may have fled to Thailand in order to engage in unlawful commercial activities there.

Mrs. Lamphueng went on to say that the presence of Chinese police in Thailand will also assist attract high-quality enterprises and tourists, which will ultimately lead to an increase in the total number of visitors. She came to the conclusion that this will also make the bilateral tie that exists between Thailand and China stronger.

Despite this, the Chief of Thailand Police and other prominent Thai leaders have categorically rejected both the idea and the proposal, claiming that they might violate Thailand’s constitutionally protected status as a sovereign nation.

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