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Chinese man been attacked by a Westerner in Pattaya

In the early hours of Wednesday, May 24, a witness posted a video showing a Western man assaulting a Chinese man on the sidewalk near Pattaya’s Southern Pattaya Road.

Witness Pom, 31, told ThaiRath that around 3am, she was riding her motorcycle passed the site when she saw a fight break out among a group of individuals. She made the decision to halt and investigate the scene after seeing a Western man brutally assaulting a Chinese man on the sidewalk.

Locals and motorbike taxi drivers allegedly tried to step in and stop the foreign attacker, but their attempts were unsuccessful, according to Pom. The attacker’s alleged girlfriend, a Thai woman, stopped others from interfering and yelled…He is unstoppable! No one can intercede if he is enraged. Do you know that this Chinese man struck me with his car? My life was almost lost! Who will be held liable if I pass away? This is insufficient. He is receiving what he deserves. Do you realize the foreigner’s potential?

The Chinese man did not respond in kind, Pom continued. He fell on the ground and repeatedly apologized to the American. She also observed that the Westerner was dressed in what appeared to be a police officer’s outfit.

Pom questioned the on-site eyewitnesses. They told her that the Thai woman and the Western man had been following the Chinese man’s car. The Western man physically took the Chinese man from his car after the Chinese man stopped at a stop sign. The Chinese man’s car consequently hit another vehicle on the road.

The Thai woman who was with the Western male, according to Pom, protested to her after learning that she had filmed the video and given it to the police. Pom stated

Because I wanted everyone to observe the unacceptable behavior of some foreigners in Thailand, I shared the video with news organizations. That dude doesn’t seem to be afraid of Thai law. I think it’s crucial that everyone see the video, despite my uncertainty about the conclusion.

Police arrived on the scene quickly and put an end to the confrontation, but there have been no more developments in the case.

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