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Chinese driver crashes into motorbike driver killed

Chinese driver pattaya one march 11 2024

At 10:30 AM on March 11th, 2024, the Bang Lamung highway police responded to a tragic accident involving a Chinese driver colliding with a motorbike on Pattaya entrance road No. 7.

Emergency services from Pattaya and relevant authorities were swiftly deployed to the crash site to assist the injured individuals and manage the traffic congestion that had extended over half a kilometer.

Upon arrival at the scene, a light blue motorbike was severely damaged due to a collision with a black Mercedes Benz. Tragically, the body of Ms. Sirikarn Sekklang, aged 56, was discovered deceased. Emergency responders secured the area and respectfully covered her body with white sheets.

According to the official police statement, Mr. Peng Zhimin, a 36-year-old Chinese driver, reported that he was driving in the right-side lane when the victim allegedly abruptly entered his lane. This sudden movement led to a high-impact collision between his car and the victim’s motorbike. Subsequently, Sirikarn collided with the windshield of the Chinese driver’s vehicle and tragically lost her life. The driver promptly contacted the authorities to report the incident.

Following the accident, law enforcement administered an alcohol test on the Chinese driver, which yielded negative results for alcohol content in his system. He cooperated fully with the police and was then escorted for further questioning regarding the incident.


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