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Child killer Colin Pitchfork recalled to prison

EVIL child killer Colin Pitchfork was recalled to jail tonight for breaching the terms of his release. 

The monster, 61, was arrested by cops after “concerning behaviours” – including bad attitude – prompted his arrest. 

In September we pictured Pitchfork out on release for the first time
redit: Simon Jones

Cops took him to a police station for processing and he was heading back into a closed prison just two months after his first taste of freedom for 33 years. 

Pitchfork is the subject of a standard recall – meaning he could in theory be released again in 28 days. 

But his record means he is now almost certain to have to wait for a full Parole Board hearing in four to six months. 

There a panel will rule on whether he is fit to be freed. 

But sources said it could now be years before he was released. 

One told The Sun: “Pitchfork’s licence conditions were so tough that if he stepped out of line he faced recall. 

“Now he has done just that. His behaviour caused great concern and that was behind it. 

“It’s thought his attitude and fears he was hiding things were also a problem.”

In September we pictured Pitchfork out on release for the first time.

He had been driven from Leyhill open prison, near Tortworth, Gloucestershire, under cover of darkness to the hostel in the South of England.

The beast was settled into the facility, introduced to other residents and shown round by staff. 

He was warned to abide by his 43 licence conditions – and told he could be returned to jail if not. 

Pitchfork’s release sparked fury among relatives of his 15-year-old victims, Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth.

Lynda’s younger sister Rebecca Eastwood, 40, said: “It only took nine weeks for him to breach his conditions – which doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

“The first question I asked probation was ‘has anybody been hurt?’

“My biggest fear was that he had struck again.

“They told me it’s linked to his behaviour – he’s been acting a bit shady and they’ve not liked it. They thought he was up to something.

“I’m absolutely made up that he’s back inside and no one has been harmed.

“He’s going to get re-evaluated now within 28 days. I just hope they see sense and don’t make the same mistake again.”

Rebecca, who now lives on Merseyside, added: “Predators like Pitchfork don’t change. I honestly believe he will kill again. He is a monster who will never change.”


Dawn’s mum, Barbara Ashworth, 75, said tonight: “He shouldn’t have been released in the first place. The man is evil and he should never have tasted freedom.

“The streets are safer with him in prison, that’s how I feel.”

Barbara, from Liskeard, Cornwall, added: “He cannot be allowed out again.”

Pitchfork strangled, raped and killed Lynda in November 1983 before raping and murdering Dawn almost three years later.

Cops asked 5,000 men to provide a DNA sample, but Pitchfork persuaded a pal to give one on his behalf. 

He was finally arrested in 1987 after the friend was overheard bragging about the scam. 

And he became the first criminal ever convicted of murder based on DNA evidence at his trial and was jailed for 30 years.

Just last week Lynda’s sister Rebecca Eastwood issued a chilling warning to parents. 

She posted The Sun’s exclusive photo of Pitchfork on day release in 2017 on Facebook and added: “Remember his face and stay clear of him and keep your children safe. 

“There is no way a man who committed these crimes can change.”

Pitchfork served 33 years after parole boards turned down his bids for release. But in March a panel ruled him fit for freedom. 

They imposed 43 conditions on him, including GPS tagging, compulsory lie detector tests and and exclusion zone around the families of his victims. 

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland fought the decision but lost.

Lynda Mann was raped and murdered by Colin Pitchfork in 1983
Lynda Mann was raped and murdered by Colin Pitchfork in 1983
Dawn Ashworth was also raped and murdered by Pitchfork three years later
Dawn Ashworth was also raped and murdered by Pitchfork three years later
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