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CBBC cleans up the anniversary honours

Phuket’s Clean the Beach Boot Camp (CBBC) has been cleaning the island’s beaches for five years. Each two weeks, on a Saturday morning, volunteers assemble for a free beach workout from island fitness leader Krix Luther and then, in return, they put on their gloves, grab a big bag and pick up rubbish.


Yesterday the team assembled at Kata Beach and volunteers from all over the globe turned up to help CBBC celebrate five successful years, with more than 125 beach-cleaning sessions since the initiative began.

About 130 people of all ages and nationalities worked together and managed to fill 20 bags of rubbish, most of which had washed up on the sand.

From its humble beginnings five years ago Krix Luther has turned CBBC into a global event now operating in many countries.

Yesterday’s event was sponsored by SIS Hotel, Kata and The Kata Sea Beeze, which provided food and refreshment to everyone who attended the anniversary event.

According to Mat Hindmarsh, Director of Hotels and Resorts – Aksara Collection, getting involved in the CBBC benefits everyone.

“We’re delighted to be involved in this great community event. Kata’s beaches are a magnificent natural resource that our guests travel from around the world to enjoy. The CBBC not only makes cleaning our beaches fun, it’s a responsibility that the Aksara Collection – Kata Sea Breeze and SIS Kata – take seriously and encourage all sectors of the government and community to get involved in.”

Colin Gallagher is just one of a core group of 20 or so that have been attending the bi-weekly clean ups since they kicked off in 2013.

“I have been coming along to most of the events over the five years. It’s fun, I’ve met some great people, I really feel like we’re making a difference and setting a good example,” he said.


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