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Casino complex planned to be located in the EEC (Eastern Economic corridor)

casino complex pattaya one march 29 2024

In Pattaya a parliamentary committee consisting of 60 MPs has made a strong recommendation for the Eastern Economic Corridor to become Thailand’s inaugural legal casino complex. Alongside gambling facilities, the complex would feature amenities such as luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, and family-friendly entertainment in a designated area.

The proposal specifically targets the vicinity of U-tapao International Airport in Rayong province, a short drive from Pattaya. Committee chairman Julapun Amornvivat highlighted the potential significant benefits of such complexes, acknowledging concerns about issues like addiction and family challenges.

The report will now advance to the Cabinet for review, which is likely to seek additional public input before endorsing the proposal. A parliamentary bill is anticipated to be deliberated upon by the end of 2024. The casino project near Pattaya is envisioned as a trial run before potential expansion to other cities nationwide.

While some Thai citizens remain cautious about legalized gambling, especially considering the prevalence of online gambling that is challenging to regulate, the younger demographic recognizes the existing landscape. Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin actively supports tourism initiatives, including easing visa requirements for international tourists and promoting Thailand as LGBTQ+-friendly.

Experts in the gaming industry caution Thai authorities to establish robust safeguards for the future gaming sector. Recommendations include implementing entry fees to deter non-affluent individuals and maintaining the prohibition of online betting and clandestine gambling venues. Presently, Thailand, along with Indonesia and Brunei, is among the few Southeast Asian countries that prohibit gambling.

Major international gaming companies like Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts have demonstrated interest in securing operating licenses in Thailand. If approved, the Rayong casino and others are poised to generate substantial annual revenue for the Thai government. Various unconventional forms of gambling, such as online sports betting, foreign exchange betting, and stock index wagering, could also be permitted, contingent upon the progressive stance Thai authorities choose to adopt.


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