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Even the basics are getting harder to find

Many families in Thailand have been living in extreme poverty for a long time.

While nationally there have been relatively large cases of COVID-19, Thai people are vulnerable to the economic impact of the pandemic.

The situation in Thailand is getting worse every day.

Families in Thailand are facing huge challenges right now and we’re asking for your help.

Due to the downturn in tourism, construction, and export sectors, the average monthly income has plummeted.

In many cases, families are living on less than $50 a month, so it’s no surprise that food has become the most urgent need.

Here at Pattaya One we have taken it upon ourselves to take care of a family of three (Mom and two young sons ) we have bee supplying them with the basics but this takes money.

We met them the first time we felt so sad for them all in one corner of a room will others no money no food .

The good news is they now have a small room of there own.

if you would like to help use please do so we need all the help we can get.

if you want pictures or monthly repots on how they are doing we will supply that

also we will be doing a video update with the family .

Thankyou for taking the time to read this .Bless you all

$40 buys enough food to feed a family for one month.

Please donate whatever you like

our details are

Siam Commercial Bank

Account .4680510835

Swift code SICOTHBK

Pattaya ,Thailand

D M Durham

Local communities are the experts when it comes to identifying practical ways to achieve improvements in their daily lives.

Our experience in Thailand has shown us that many communities hold an abundance of ideas for a better future.

 We see our role as facilitating this process, offering advice and direction to help the family develop the solutions to lift themselves out of poverty.

We are not a charity organization we are just try to help a family in need

[email protected]

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