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British man impales himself on fence

British man impales himself on fence

A British man, intoxicated, sustained a severe abdominal injury when he accidentally impaled himself on a pointed iron fence at his residence in the Bang La Bang district of Chon Buri.

Emergency services were summoned to Choke Chai Garden Home 2 in tambon Nong Pru during the early hours of Sunday, where they discovered the man stuck on the fence, with one of its arrowheads piercing his abdomen. Paramedics promptly assisted in removing him from the railing, administered initial medical aid, and transported him to the hospital. The depth of the man’s wound was estimated to be approximately five to six inches by paramedics.

The injured individual, identified as 65-year-old Michael Girling, was the victim of the mishap.

According to accounts from local media, the man’s initial attempt to open the gate to his residence was thwarted due to his inebriated state. Subsequently, he purportedly opted to climb over the fence, resulting in a slip and the impalement on its apex.

A neighbor, known only as Pad, aged 50, reported hearing moans and went outside to investigate. Discovering the man trapped on the fence, she hastily procured a ladder to aid in his rescue and promptly alerted emergency services. Pad noted that the man had been residing in the house for several months.

front picture First responders transport an intoxicated British national to a hospital early Sunday after he injured himself while scaling a sharp pointed fence at his home. (Photo by Chaiyot Poopattanapong)

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