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British couple shares tales of their luxury pet hotel in Britain

british couple pattaya one March 10 2024

Geoffrey and Kathy Doody from Newport, Shropshire share an extraordinary tale about pets in the UK through their newly published book available for purchase on Amazon.

In their book titled “Thank Goodness They Can’t Talk,” the British couple recounts their experiences as proprietors of a renowned cattery and kennel in the UK. Their memoir spans three parts, chronicling the evolution of their business from its humble beginnings in 1983, when they started with 22 dogs and 30 cats, to becoming a prestigious sanctuary for pets equipped with luxurious accommodations.

The real charm of their story lies not only in the lavish facilities they provide but also in the amusing anecdotes of the quirky personalities and playful behavior of their animal guests. Geoffrey shares fascinating insights into animal psychology and the delightful pandemonium that occurs when pets and humans interact.

From Geoffrey’s transition from a shopkeeper with a passion for wildlife to a successful pet hotel entrepreneur, to Kathy bringing her banking expertise to the business, the Doodys have forged a unique and inspiring journey together. Their narrative takes an unexpected turn when they fall in love with Thailand during a holiday, eventually leading to their permanent relocation in 2007 as reported by Pattaya Mail.

Today, surrounded by the natural beauty of Mabprachan Lake in Thailand, Geoffrey and Kathy enjoy a lifestyle brimming with excitement, indulging in activities such as sailing, hill walking, golfing, and cycling.

Their love for Thailand, including its climate, cuisine, and people, is evident as they embrace the expat life. For those intrigued by tales of pet care and expat adventures, Geoffrey and Kathy’s books available on Amazon promise not only entertainment and laughter but also a fresh perspective on the whimsical world of our beloved furry companions.


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