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Boy Racer Dies in Motorbike Crash

Motorbike Boy Racer has dies after smashing into back of pickup

At around 2:00am on Tuesday January 24th, Pattaya police and emergency services were called to the scene of a fatal road accident involving a motorbike and a pickup truck.

Arriving at the scene, police found the dead body of a Thai male, aged 21 years old, laid out in the middle of the road, with blood still pouring from his head. The incident took place at a set of traffic lights in Naklua.

As well as a huge gash to the head, the man also had suffered broken bones in both his arms and legs, and emergency services suspect that he died almost instantly upon impact.

A local taxi driver, who was an eye witness to the event, and told reporters that he had noticed the grey Izuzu pickup truck parked at a set of traffic lights in the far right land, waiting for the green light to turn right. He then saw 2-3 motorbikes coming up to the lights racing each other, however one of the motorbikes hadn’t noticed the pickup in time and smashed straight into the back. His friends quickly stopped and rushed to attend to their friend, who was motionless. Screaming for help, the emergency services were called immediately, but on arriving at the scene the victim had already passed away.

News quickly got round and the victims girlfriend also arrived on the scene shortly after the incident. She was in a total state of shock when arriving, but then broke down completely after seeing the body of her boyfriend. She told reporters that he was a third year university student who had almost finished his degree.

The body was wrapped up and taken to Banglamung hospital for further examinations.

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