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Friday, 28 February 2020
Our Featured Speaker is . . .
Zen Clinic

Their Doctor will talk about Regenerative orthopedic and Testosterone treatments.
Their team will also provide information on:

– Osteoarthritis related therapy
– Give out Free consultation vouchers
– Facial treatment vouchers
– And Provide In-house ABO, Rh blood group check and sugar test voucher
Contact: June Lambert | Zen Cell Rejuvenation
Phone: +66 94 919 1597
[email protected]

More info in our ‘Full Topic’ newsletter: HERE
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Meeting Manager
Jahir Khan
– – – –
Club News, and Notices
Niels Colov
– – – –
Open Mic Forum – Q&A Feature
Peter Anders
– – – –

PEC Meeting Managers
Jahir Khan, Bob Donald,
Peter Anders and Dan Schwartz
Plan the meetings and link the program announcements.
– – – –

Information on recent
‘Principal Speakers’
at our Friday Meetings
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And… Friday, 6 March 2020
Our Featured Speaker is . . .
Dr. Stewart McFarlane

Science Fiction in Buddhist Literature
– – – –

Amari Hotel
Doors open 09:45am
* * * *

NEWS: PEC is planning to produce ‘in-house’ video of our meetings, plus an Interview with the weekly Speaker.
We are looking for a few 
enthusiasts who could record, edit and post to YouTube the final segments.
Please contact any of our staff at a Meeting.
–  –  –  –

NEWS: Update to our  VISA page  Link to VISA page
–  –  –  –

 NEWS: Pattaya People Television program (PPMG) has moved to TMN (Tipmanee Media Network).
Now playing every day on the Movie1 Channel.
(Analog Channel 49 and Digital Channel 600).
4 times per day:- 11.00, 13.00, 16,00 and 20,00

–  –  –  –

NEWS: PEC membership brings with it a photo-I.D., some discounts around the community, and allows your numbered entry ticket to be included in our ‘Lucky Draw’.
Various local prizes are donated to the Draw from our community. 

A current membership card must be shown to claim a prize.

Current Entry-fees for Meeting, and Hotel Buffet, are shown on our ‘Home-Page’ here:
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NEWS. British Nationals of Pattaya Expats Club, having received a pension “Proof of Life Certificate” & wanting it witnessed, please follow this link
–  –  –  –

NEWS.. A page on our Website is a recently updated ‘Last Will and Testament (Thailand)’, thanks to Kelvin Bamfield, CEO of Thai888 (Law Company)   +66 (0) 8 0102 8978.
Link:  last-will-and-testament-thailand/
–  –  –  –

Phyathai Sriracha Hospital – Special monthly check-up Packages (
– – – –

Pattaya City Hospital – Special Packages change each Month (
– – – –

PEC Finance Reports now available on-line:
– – – –

To all PATTAYA EXPATS CLUB MEMBERS at the Meeting (subject to monthly printing schedule).
– – – –

Main Feature Speakers for our weekly Meetings are always welcomed.
Contact PEC’s Programme Manager, Dan Schwartz ([email protected])
(Next available date is: April 2020).
–  –  –  –

In the main lobby are our ‘Expat Expo’ tables with information and staff from expert contributors in their field
These Sponsors are often available in the Foyer Area prior to the start of the Meeting.
For more information follow this link.. sponsors/

–  –  –  –  –  –

NEW PEC Membership is just 750 Baht for an initial 2-year period.
Thereafter renewal 1-year periods are 400 Baht each (multiple years may be purchased)

Bring two very small photos for ID-card, membership desk is open from 0945am until 1115am. 

PEC has 5 different ways to get information from our volunteers
For General Inquiries email <[email protected]>.
Or call
Dan on 092 476 1032.
Brian on 089 604 3646.
Jahir on 086 394 0863.

For Legal assistance call Lawyer Khun Suthipong Trakulsak, 08 1914 8193,
( (Emergency cover 24/7)

British Embassy – Emergency assistance, telephone the British Embassy (Consular Section) in Bangkok on 02 305 8333.
Visits to the Embassy are ‘BY APPOINTMENT ONLY‘. (british-embassy-bangkok).

US Embassy has a separate website with information for all US citizens.

PEC Special Interest Groups– these are all FREE access to club members.
(Some sports incur costs)

Six-A-Side Football for PEC Members,
Phone: 038 248 212. Open Daily 8am to midnight.

Badminton group – at Diamond Badminton Centre on Pattaya Third Road,
near Soi 17 traffic lights. Call Jahir on 084 3489 501.

Our Club Meetings:

All detailed Club Information is in our Full Topic Newsletter…
Full Topic Newsletter/

Why not come along to our next relaxed Meeting
Meeting location and timing click here

For information, send email to: ([email protected])

Register for our weekly e-newsletter (top-right of page) or,

PEC’s Other Language Groups – meet at other times and locations…
For full information, go to…

French Language Pattaya Expats Club

Finnish Language Pattaya Expats Club

English Language Chiang Mai Expats Club (CEC)

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