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Body parts buried under expressway 

body parts buried under expressway

A man has been arrested for killing his lover at a condominium in Muang district, cutting her body into parts, putting them in plastic bags and burying the bags under an expressway, police said.

Pol Col Arthit Simcharoen, the Samrong Nua police superintendent, said the murder took place at the condominium in Soi Sukhumvit 115 in tambon Theparak.

On Friday, at about 9am, a housekeeper at the condominium contacted police, saying that while cleaning a room she noticed a stench of blood from another room next door and heard the noise of running water in it.

The room was rented by Chanwit Wongsahak, 35, who arrived on Wednesday with a woman identified only as Oranan, alias Pin, 30.

When police examined the room, only Mr Chanwit was there and they noticed bloodstains. In an initial questioning session, Mr Chanwit admitted he had killed Oranan, cut her body into sections, placed them in bags and buried them elsewhere, police said.

Footage from security cameras at the condominium showed Mr Chanwit stepping out of a lift with two large bags before proceeding to the car park.

Mr Chanwit was later taken to Samrong Nua police station. From there, he led police to Prasertmanukij road under the Chalongrat expressway to the Ram Intra area in Bangkok’s Lat Phrao district. He showed them where he had buried the bags containing Oranan’s body parts.

On the roadside near an expressway pillar, police found numerous holes which had been dug and hastily covered up with dirt. Digging into the holes revealed a total of seven bags. 

The left arm of the woman was found in the first bag, the head in the second, the left leg from the knee down in the third, the right arm in the fourth, the right leg from the knee down in the fifth, the torso in the sixth and the lower body part from the waist to the knees in the seventh.

In further questioning, Mr Chanwit said he had had a relationship with Oranan and she had frequently come to the condominium. He suspected she had met another man and became jealous, according to the police account. He prepared a knife, an axe, a hammer and a saw to kill her.

On Wednesday, they had a quarrel in the room. He stabbed her 10 times with the knife, killing her. He then stayed in the room throughout the night with the body.

On the morning of Friday, he dragged the body into the bathroom and cut it into seven parts with the axe, the knife, the saw and the hammer and then put them in seven bags. In the afternoon, he put the seven bags into two large bags and brought them to Prasertmanukij road under the Chalongrat expressway. There, he buried the seven bags.

Mr Chanwit was charged with premeditated murder and other related charges including destroying, moving and concealing a corpse to cover up a murder.

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