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Before-and-after photos show how a couple transformed a dark and dreary house in Bangkok into a modern oasis

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  • Lifestyle blogger Pear Junglin and architect Nont Taechahasadin transformed a dark, outdated three-story house in Bangkok, Thailand, into a modern oasis.
  • Junglin and Taechahasadin, who are dating, spent eight months and about $68,000 renovating the building, which hadn’t been updated in about 30 years.
  • They added a modern kitchen, bedroom, office space, and updated the bathrooms and backyard area.
  • “We call it a home built with love and warmth,” Junglin told Insider.

Nont Taechahasadin’s family gifted him a three-story home in Bangkok, and he and his girlfriend, Pear Junglin, completely revamped it.

The first floor had almost no natural light before the renovation.
The building’s first floor had almost no natural light before the renovation. 

Taechahasadin’s father bought the 1,614-square-foot home about 30 years ago, which was the last time it was updated. 

The couple spent eight months and $68,000 on the renovation.

The new enlarged doorway allows for much more light.
Their space now has a bright and airy feel. 

Taechahasadin is the co-founder of an architectural and construction management company, Official Space. He designed and planned the renovation himself.

Throughout the home makeover process, Junglin documented the progress on her public Facebook page, “Peary is Happy.”

Originally, the home’s exterior was in need of a face-lift.

The front door of the house had a sliding glass door and overgrown brush.
Before the renovation, the exterior of the house didn’t have much personality. 

The old glass sliding door didn’t allow for much privacy.

Now, the front of the home has paneled wood, which allows for natural cooling.

The new front door features the home's name, "1889 HAUS."
They added a wooden front door and new plants. 

The front of the couple’s house faces west, and the sun heats the front of the building.

Junglin told Insider that the warm temperatures in Thailand — which can get up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) — meant the couple needed to find a solution to keep the home cool.

“We needed to use a wooden screen to allow buffer space in order to decrease the temperature,” Junglin said.

Inside, the home initially looked barren and lacked windows and natural light.

The whole building was stripped bare before.
The couple had to get creative with their renovation. 

Though the structure of the building was good, it had leaky ceilings due to water damage.

The couple knocked down a wall on the first floor to brighten up the living space.

The couple prefer simple, modern design and furniture.
The couple went with simple, modern designs throughout the home. 

“Both of us prefer minimal style, so we decided to paint our wall in white and use wooden flooring and built-in furniture,” Junglin said of the couple’s design choices.

They also added a brand-new kitchen, complete with a sleek island and contemporary light fixtures.

The new kitchen has an island for dining.
The kitchen has an island for dining. 

The light-wood kitchen cabinet finish matches the home’s other built-in shelves and storage features. 

Originally, the second floor of the home had a wood floor, which Junglin and Taechahasadin replaced with vinyl.

The second floor of the home had signs of water damage before.
It didn’t look very inviting before. 

Junglin said they chose vinyl because it was easy to install and came in many colors.

They designed a bedroom on the second floor, focusing on light fixtures that brought a warm feel to the space.

The couple's bedroom is on the second floor.
The new fixtures give a softer light. 

They painted all the walls in the house white because they like the simplicity of the color.

Prior to the renovation, the home’s bathrooms were dark and needed a refresh.

Junglin noticed some bugs in the building before their renovation.
The bathroom offered little more than the basics. 

There was no cabinet space or mirror before the renovation.

Junglin and Taechahasadin installed a new shower, toilet, and sink — plus ample storage space.

They added modern amenities to update the home.
They added modern amenities to update the home. 

The new bathroom is a total transformation from the old version.  

The third floor of the building was a blank canvas full of potential.

The third floor before was just an empty space.
The space called for fresh paint, flooring, and lighting. 

Junglin and Taechahasadin saw an opportunity with the emptiness of the home’s top floor. 

They turned the third floor into an office, complete with bright lighting and a spacious shelving unit.

They turned the third floor into an office space.
The couple now has a dedicated home office. 

The couple works from home together on the third floor in the airy space, which is filled with built-in storage.

The backyard initially had a concrete floor and tin roof, and it wasn’t an ideal place for the couple to relax.

The backyard before had a stone floor and tin roof.
The home’s backyard had a closed-in feel. 

Junglin and Taechahasadin added new design elements to make the space more inviting.

Now, the patio has a warm glow thanks to light fixtures, a wooden floor, and windowed doors.

The new patio features a wood floor and windowed doors.
The new patio gives space for entertaining and unwinding. 

Junglin and Taechahasadin now have a homey patio area.  


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