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Blind teenager opens coconuts with her TEETH!

This teenager might be blind but she has a seriously unusual talent – she can crack open coconuts with her teeth.

Sarah Gen Gusinalem, 13, started helping her father collect the fruit at a copra plantation in Bohol, Philippines.

But she was not allowed to use a machete to break open the hard shell in case she injured herself – so developed the technique of biting into the exterior.

Cracking open the coconuts then allows the fleshy meat inside to be harvested.

Sarah said: ”I have eight brothers and sisters. I want to do anything I can to help my father take care of them.”

Hard-working Sarah earns an average of 100 pesos (two dollars) for a day of work. She never went to school and was blind since birth.

Sarah’s neighbour, Rhea Herra, said: ”She is the third of eight children. She knows that whatever money her father earns is not enough to sustain them all, so she works in the field.”

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