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The biggest fitness trends for 2019

The biggest fitness trends for 2019

2018 was the year of HIIT, wearable tech and the resurgence of yoga. While all three of these are likely to remain popular into the new year, there are some brand new fitness trends that will likely be fighting for your attention in the new year.

What’s exciting to see is how much of the new stuff is focused on joined-up training and a kinder fitness culture. It seems as though the fitness world is finally pivoting away from its obsession with pain and punishment.

Great news for anyone who values their joints. There’s also a big focus on training at home – and we don’t mean some halfhearted sit ups in front of the television. The home workout has gone high-tech, and we are 100% here for it.
Stay ahead of the curve this January and have a look at what else is going to be clogging up the social media feeds of your favourite fitness bloggers. Body weight training strength training isn’t going anywhere – but the difference this year is that we’re ditching the weights. Getting strong is going to be all about using your own body weight in simple, effective moves.

Body weight training is growing in popularity because of its convenience. All you need is an area of space and a sports bra, so body weight exercises are great for anytime, anywhere workouts. Most body weight exercises are accessible for any fitness level, and unlike weights, they’re very easy to modify.
Your own body really is an incredible resistance training tool. Using your body weight during exercises including push-ups, squats, planks, and lunges, can be a challenging and effective way to work your muscles.

Upgraded home workouts Working out at home has its appeal. Firstly – you don’t have to go anywhere. It takes a huge part of the effort out of fitness, so if you can develop an effective routine, it could be much easier to stick to your goals. But the ‘effective’ part is the issue. When you’re home alone it’s easy to be distracted, drop your form or not push yourself as hard as you would in the gym.

That’s where the new technology comes in. 2019 will see the growth of a range of new products and technologies that will help you get the most out of your living room session. Interactive personal trainers can connect through your TV and help you keep on track – they’re surprisingly effective and won’t let you slack off.

FIIT is a great, UK-based platform that you can use on your phone, tablet or smart TV. Or take it to the next level with some serious home-gym equipment. Paleton are selling at-home spinning bikes, so you can feel the burn without leaving your house – if you can stump up £1,500, that is.

Mindful exercise Mindfulness has been on the rise for the last few years – encouraging people to live in the moment and exist in the present through the use of breathing and meditation. It’s meant to help alleviate a whole host of anxieties and mental health problems – so how does mindfulness translate into fitness? Mindful movement, or conscious movement is the concept of moving and exercising with intention and an awareness of your whole body. Rather than throwing yourself into something full-throttle, conscious fitness encourages precise movements that put form above all else. The aim isn’t just to elevate your heart rate and get sweaty, it’s also to teach you how to use your body efficiently. The benefits of mindful movement ‘Meditation and mindful movement are two of the best tools we have to free our minds of clutter.

‘These modalities focus on the importance of brain health and functional mobility. ‘Meditation is one of the more direct routes to mindful presence. Clear and healthy thoughts create purposeful action in one’s life.’ Angela Leigh, Director of Talent, Aaptiv Group training We’re familiar with the idea of group training classes – spinning, body pump, HIIT – we know how it works. But 2019 will turn previously solo activities into something that can be enjoyed in a group. Take rowing, for example. There has been a huge boom in group rowing machine classes, allowing people to work on their form and endurance in a team environment. Another favourite for 2019 will be the VersaClimber – and Sweat by BXR are the first studio in Europe to launch group classes.

If you’ve never seen a VersaClimber before, it’s essentially a rather scary looking machine that mimics the natural motion of climbing. It is a 75-degree vertical rail with pedals and handles – and it is a serious full-body burner. Group environments can trigger your competitive instincts, force you to work harder and provide better encouragements and rewards when you push yourself.

Shorter classes According to ClassPass’s yearly report, more of us are booking classes that are 45 minutes or less – and they think this is a trend that’s set to continue. This is absolutely brilliant news – no one has time to spend more than an hour working out anyway. Shorter, more efficient workouts are on the rise and we love it. No more wasting time with lengthy downtime between moves, no more plodding needlessly on a treadmill for all eternity. Let’s smash it out and get the hell out of there. We have lives to lead.

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