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Throwing items from a Pattaya balcony, an Italian man tested positive for “ice.”

On Wednesday night, an Italian man caused a spectacle by throwing furniture and other large items off a Pattaya balcony in front of more than 100 witnesses. This occurred at the Charlie Place Hotel on Soi Buakhao in the Bang Lamung district’s Nong Prue neighborhood. The individual apparently eventually tested positive for crystal methamphetamine, also known as “ice,” even though he initially attributed his stunning behavior to marijuana.

Antonio M, a 43-year-old man, launched appliances from a balcony on the second floor of the hotel, including a refrigerator, a vanity table, and a television. The strange episode attracted a large throng of spectators, and video from The Pattaya News shows some of them recording it on their cell devices.To get into Antonio’s room, the Pattaya Police had to force open the door.

According to the police, Antonio was extremely uncooperative and agitated. In Antonio’s room, police discovered marijuana, rolling papers, and other accessories. He was detained by the police, who then took him to the station.Antonio had been dating ‘Nid,’ a Thai woman, for two months, and never before had he acted in such a panicky way. Nid claimed that Antonio had shut himself inside the hotel room after consuming a significant amount of marijuana and going through a paranoid phase.

Nid claimed that Antonio became terrified and threw objects from the balcony because he thought someone was trying to hurt him. One motorcycle was reportedly damaged in the incident, according to the police.After being detained, Antonio is now being charged. According to reports, Antonio attributed his actions to a brief marijuana psychosis, although authorities emphasized that this was not medically confirmed and that other causes could be to blame.

Authorities drug-tested Antonio, but they did not discover any marijuana use, according to the Thai news source Channel 3 Plus. Police took Antonio to a hospital for a second check after noticing that his urine was purple, and there they discovered that he had narcotics in his system. After then, police turned Antonio over to investigators on suspicion that he had used ice, a class 1 substance.

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