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Ben Whittaker Addresses Claims of Mimicking Prince Naseem Hamed’s Boxing Style

Ben Whittaker Addresses Claims of Mimicking Prince Naseem

Ben Whittaker has dismissed claims that he is trying to emulate the flamboyant style of Prince Naseem Hamed. Whittaker, a rising British boxing prospect, has gained significant attention for his entertaining and showboating style. The 26-year-old has been seen dancing and performing in the ring, drawing comparisons to the legendary Hamed.

Prince Naseem Hamed, known for turning every fight into a spectacle, suggested during an interview on talkSPORT that Whittaker, nicknamed ‘Benzo,’ was merely paying tribute to his unique style.

Responding on talkSPORT Drive, Whittaker said, “Listen, everyone has their own opinions. When I first came on the scene, I said I never tried to be Naz, the tribute was because of Adidas. Secondly, everyone can say what they have got to say, if you look at some of his early fights he was fighting people with 17 losses. My kid had one loss so for me I have to just focus on my own career. I am at a completely different weight and boxing has changed now.”

Hamed’s comments followed Whittaker’s recent victory over Leon Willings, who managed to last the full eight rounds. Hamed remarked, “To be honest, there is something missing. If you are going to get in the ring with somebody at central area level, he should have exploded because the pressure is on him. For him to come out and do a tribute to Naz, with the same shorts and music. Obviously, I knew he wouldn’t flip over the top rope or do some flying carpet business.”

Prince Naseem Hamed was a fan favorite during his career, known for his spectacular entrances and captivating style, becoming a global star. Despite facing criticism for his confident moves, Hamed’s ten-year career, which ended with just one defeat to Marco Antonio Barrera, earned him a place in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Similarly, Whittaker has faced early criticism but remains focused on building his unique legacy. The former Olympic silver medalist is set to fight Ezra Arenyeka on June 15 at Selhurst Park as part of a major BOXXER card.

Credit: TalkSport

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