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Competition leads to violence with bar workers in Sri Racha

On Saturday, June 24, staff members from two different bars in the Sri Racha district got into a fight over a patron issue.

The incident occurred around 8 PM on Saturday in the Sri Racha Nakorn Housing Project in Sri Racha district, Chonburi province. It was recorded by a concerned citizen’s mobile phone camera, and it afterwards went viral on social media.The video showed a heated argument between two teams of Thai women working in bars who got into a physical altercation. The argument appeared to have started over claims that one organization was snatching Japanese clients from the other.

Local media has reported that the two parties involved are frequently known to compete for Japanese clientele. These verbal and physical altercations are said to happen two to three times per week on average. Local media did not reveal the identities of the bars that these women work for.

Concerned citizens have urged the appropriate authorities to act swiftly against these instances out of worry that tourists, particularly Japanese, may avoid Sri Racha.

Police in Sri Racha are reportedly investigating the situation.

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