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Bar Girls a way of life in Pattaya

What it costs to hire Thai bar girls for a little “adult fun” in Pattaya, and the price you might pay for having sex with Thai bar girls in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, or any place with a “bar girl scene” in Thailand depends on a few variable factors, formalities, and potential dangers of having sex with Thai bar girls.

Some variable factors include how sexy and popular girls are, whether they are bar girls or freelance girls, different types of bars and nightlife venues, for sex only, travel, or a Thai girlfriend experience.

Some formalities that affect the price of picking up Thai bar girls in Thailand are “lady drinks” bought for girls, and “bar fines” paid before girls can leave the bar with a customer.

What are Bar Girls in Thailand?

Thai bar girls are girls, including hostesses and gogo dancers, employed to entertain male customers at girlie bars and adult nightlife venues in Pattaya and other popular “touristy” sex and nightlife destinations in Thailand.

Customers who pay a “bar fine” for the privilege can hire bar girls for “adult activities” outside (sometimes inside) the bar.

Freelance Pattaya Girls

The cheapest Pattaya girls, and easiest to meet by browsing Pattaya girls online. Where Pattaya girls that work freelance differ to bar girls is they are not employed to work in bars. So unless freelancers have an agreement with the bar, there are no bar fines and no hiked-up prices for lady drinks.

The best places to meet freelance girls in Pattaya are online, on Pattaya Beach Road (aka Coconut Bar), and in popular nightclubs and discos on Walking Street, such as Ibar—Insomnia, Lucifer, 808, and Candy Shop.

Best places to hook up with bar girls in Pattaya

  • Agogo bars, predominantly on Walking Street and Soi LK Metro
  • Beer bar complexes, in most Pattaya nightlife zones
  • Shop-house style girlie bars, throughout Pattaya
  • Gentleman’s clubs, very popular
  • Short time bars, throughout pattaya

After closing time for regular bars and gogo clubs in Pattaya, girls often try their luck picking up customers in discos and nightclubs on Walking Street.


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