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Bar girl, 26, dead after falling naked from condo at 5am

Police were today investigating the death of a bar girl who fell naked from her fifth floor room after an argument with a foreign man.

Wannipa Janhuathon, 26, had been drinking with the man, who has not been named, earlier in the night at a bar on Pattaya’s Soi 6 before they went back to her room.

A security guard later heard her body crash to the ground and found her unconscious outside the Cosy Beach View condo block at 5am.

Officers searched Wannipa’a room where they found used condoms. They are now in pursuit for the foreign man Wannipa had been with earlier in the night.

Security guard Kriengsak Khamchachai, 23, who heard a loud bang and raised the alarm, said: ‘’I was sitting in front of the entrance gate. I heard the sound of a crash. I walked to check and saw a shadow on the ground which turned out to be the body of a woman without clothes.

‘’She was lying down and there was blood around her face. She was unconscious but still alive.”

A half empty packet of Kamagra oral jelly was found close to Wannipa’s naked body. She had suffered severe head injuries after landing on her face. Paramedics were unable to revive her.

They later released the name of Wannipa after informing her family.

Police contacted the bar on Soi 6 where Wannipa worked and they told of her drinking there earlier in the night with a foreign man.

Officers believe that he went back to the room of the woman, who they described as a ”beer bar girl”.

They said today there was ”evidence the foreigner had gone to sleep there” and that used condoms were inside the room.

Police were this afternoon still searching for the foreigner but were confident that the cause of death could be established quickly, though they were unsure if it was murder or suicide.

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