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B37m in stolen cash recovered

B37m in stolen cash recovered

Police reported on Friday that two individuals are now in custody following a burglary in Chiang Mai, where they allegedly stole cash and valuables totaling over 76 million baht. The suspects, identified as Pudit, 39, and Adisak, 45, were apprehended on Thursday afternoon with a quantity of jewelry and 37 million baht in cash.

The burglary occurred on the night of April 11 at a high-end residence within a gated community in tambon Mae Hia of Muang district. The homeowners reported a loss of 38.7 million baht in cash, along with 300 gold-plated Buddha amulets valued at 35 million baht, and gold worth one million baht.

Investigations revealed that the suspects had utilized some of the stolen cash to purchase a vehicle. They confessed to having a longstanding acquaintance with the homeowner, spanning over a decade through their involvement in construction and real estate. While the victim worked as a contractor, the suspects were associated with a door latch company.

The motive behind the burglary stemmed from a purported dispute over delayed payments for services rendered over the past two years. Allegedly seeking retribution, they accessed the victim’s residence by tampering with the door locks while he was absent.

According to police reports, the suspects retained only the cash, discarding the gold and amulets in a garbage bag, later disposed of among roadside trash.

Law enforcement is currently examining CCTV footage and conducting further inquiries to recover the stolen assets and facilitate their return to the victims.

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